Pumpkins, masks, and screams… oh my!

Friends, Day 1 of the 31 Days of Myths, Magic, Mayhem, and moreā€¦ I will be your host for the evening, and tonight I will take you on a journey of discovering why certain items have come to define the holiday where the supernatural and the living intertwine. What is it about buying costumes, purchasing... Continue Reading →

Earthquakes, sandstorms, and missing pieces of wood…it must be Easter.

https://anchor.fm/wannabehistorian/episodes/Earthquakes--sandstorms--and-missing-pieces-of-woodit-must-be-Easter-eu71b5 https://anchor.fm/wannabehistorian My typical way of identifying upcoming holidays was using the holiday display at the local grocery store. My cheat system has come to a halt since I have discovered Fred Meyer's grocery delivery system, and I haven't walked into a grocery store in months. I have not had cable in 6 years, so... Continue Reading →

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