The Myth and The Monster- The Raven Society Book 2


I am the mother of all the supernatural. Your fantasies of dark witches wielding power, vampires shimmering with unholy energy, shapeshifters morphing into dangerous beasts, and warriors ready for war all come alive through me. I am the creator of nightmares and dreams.

Unleash your imagination and feast your eyes on a world of pure magic.

In 537 A.D., a fierce struggle took place that would decide the world’s future. The victor wields the ability to alter the future of humanity.

Rising from the ashes, The Raven Society was formed to guard and maintain the purity of history. Their mission? To find the inconsistencies in history and protect the ones whose stories have been forgotten.

Rising from the ruins, three women, whose lives have spanned the ages, are united by an invisible thread woven by the Fates. Their mission? To safeguard a weapon feared by the gods themselves.

In order to find the missing Books of the Veiled, they will have to build new bonds, confront their demons and unearth a new reality.

Failure is not an option. Their lives depend on it.

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