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  1. This year has been especially hard to get into the Christmas spirit. The tree is finally up. After many redoing the lights, cleaning out the squirrel nest that shredded into bits causing the need to vacuum again. And it seems my husband is allergic to squirrel. Take down tree clean it put on lights again upside down. And I’m on a diet. Nothing says merry Christmas like counting calories. Oh well it could be worse I have a great family and a warm house. And I don’t have Polar living with me.

  2. I loved this!! You were honest, open and funnnyyy!! Hahaha
    I Loved “running off my crazy” sometimes you need a space to just scream and dance and sing out of tune haha aww yay!! Wishing you all this best with your running sweetheart! You can do it!!

  3. I am from a previous generation. One in which we learned Christopher Columbus in1492 sailed the ocean blue. And so America was born. And we celebrated its birth. We had no suspicions about CC. But it never held sway over the 4th of July or Thanksgiving. It’s not our first suspicious holiday nor will it be our last. What I do object too is the romanizing of a cause to further along an agenda. Could truth just be the truth? And one more thing if we celebrate every minority group,every day would be a holiday. Which is fine if you don’t work. But I say let’s just celebrate people, all people. We could call it ….All Day. And we could celebrate it ….Every Day. And we would manifest it’s purpose……Every Day

  4. Remember luluroe. Pyramid scheming, trend setters? They sold the ugliest most comfortable yoga pants, or are they leggings? I have no idea what the difference is? Anyway, I confess I have 2 pair. My favorite are the ones with swans (don’t judge). They live in my drawer because I feel guilty wearing something that caused so many people financial bankruptcy, but sometimes secretly I open my drawer and pet them. They really are incredibly comfortable.

      1. I have 4 bulky sweaters in my closet that I wear with my yoga pants. They pare together like peanut butter and jelly or wine and cheese. They are a happily married couple, after 35 years together; content to fart in each other’s company.

  5. Is it a man’s world? Are these the same men that rule the country? Would women be better at it?
    Don’t take up day drinking, I might need you to take me places….my car is making a noise.

  6. I remember 1973 oil crisis.that was the year my mom decreed that we would save on gas by combining our errands, every Saturday we would put our garbage in the back of the trunk of the car, haul it to the dump and then go straight to the commissary. We would buy our groceries put them back in the same trunk where all the garbage had been and bring them home. Side note:whenever we got home with the groceries my sister always had to go to the bathroom and never helped bringing the groceries into the house.

  7. I am laughing hysterically while I eat junk yard grill hamburger and peppermint shake. The Best in the West. I am on Weight Watchers so you can eat anything as long as you count your points. I say’ find your groove and stick with it.’ I have settled on walking. Low intensity, no sweat and you can be gone long periods of time and can’t be judged because hey, your just be healthy.

  8. Dear New Year-
    Are we promised a New Year? A different set of parameters? No Covid talking? No masks or social distancing rules? If the answer is yes, then I am in. If it’s no, then I refuse to make a single goal that could possibly be canceled or shut down on the whim of a virus.

  9. I don’t have as much investment in the Christmas season, as I don’t celebrate it, but I definitely identify with the emotional cycle of high expectations and energy and the inevitable plummet. Also, I got COVID for Christmas, which was its own letdown, although thankfully it is not so bad. I’m sorry to hear about the storm in your area. Hope you are ok

  10. Dear Covid Positive:
    I think you deserve a moment of silence. After nearly 2 years of social distance, masking, hand washing ; you were found. I am not sure who was chasing who. Of who was fleeing from whom. But, here you are. I thought we were trying to keep you at bay to avoid shortness of breath or death. Turns out we staying 6 feet apart to avoid judgement and attitude. Had we known we could of skipped the whole shut down the world and bought t-shirts instead.

  11. I haven’t made any resolutions since 1977, when I resolved to give up alcohol. (I kept that one until 1985 though)
    Instead of constantly worrying about something, I decided to be happy instead.
    Forty-five years later, almost 70 years old, I’m still alive! 🙂
    Thank you for following my blog.
    Best wishes, Pete,

  12. Great blog, I so understand it. My father was my mentor also. As for you ruined my life I think that all parents get that we are always the bad guy. But when they get to thirty they seem to understand that you were there for them. Good luck

  13. Do you think our appliances are genetically linked? Our dryer died Thursday night.

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  14. Reblogged this on wannabehistorian and commented:

    As I was touching up some of my blogs- I ran across this short story and forgot how fun this challenge was. The only requirement was that it had to include a brown paper box. What would your box hold?

  15. I have the older brother. A washing machine that drains and then I have to spin have spin it manually. Moving it is too miserable to think about.. I am looking foward to reading about your resettlement travails. In the end it will be fine (I felt like I had to say something positive and uplifting.)

  16. Dear Housewife- step one: create a name you can embrace. Housewife is too restrictive. Fells like you should be wearing dresses and see through aprons. You are too bad ass for that. I am pondering; something cultish like The Master? Sesame Streetish like Rosie the Runner?, something from those magic books you like Queen Rose? Some secretive name that revokes fear and awe and is unpronounceable? HisWanna?
    Step Two: buy a massive board and colored pens; you must create proof that your time is more valuable than money.
    Step Three: wear a pencil in your hair and buy a pair of writing pants, you need a uniform.
    Helpful hints from one who knows nothing but can confidently make it up as she goes.

    1. That was what I was just talking about! Staying at home I was worried I was going to run out of material. Thank you. Now I have to go shopping for real adult clothing….that’s a little sad lol

  17. OMG- this is it. This is the chapter that launches you. This is the chapter that says I need to read this book. It has everything. Emotion that reads real. Such sadness that hope can be the only future for her. Next chapter please ❤️

  18. The process of getting a job of any kind in this state is an absolute joke. They will jerk you around until you either give up or stay so stubborn they just stop calling. It’s ridiculous.

  19. That’s crazy. But from all the clearances required it sounds like your new job is gov’t or gov’t related. That is a nightmare in itself. If I never see another SF-171 it will be too soon. Hope it all works out and you get to wear those new outfits.

  20. I am going to sign up for your course. You can be my coach. I am laughing as I envision you taunting the coaches to try and catch you!

  21. Dear no name snakes: welcome. I am your person should you ever decide that you want to return to your natural habitat. I beg your pardon in advance as I will not be the one to hold, feed or snuggle you. I will store amazon boxes, tape and stamps should you have the urge to return to the amazon. I hope I will get the zip code right and you land in the amazon and not at an amazon.

  22. My dad had a pair of ball pythons for years. One morning I went to get dressed for school and was surprised to find one of them curled up in my sock drawer after the cage had been left open the night before. Lol

  23. Not everyone has the privilege of actually knowing the blogger they follow, so we automatically have a vision of what the blogger looks like. Wannabe historian keeps her head on top of her head with a pencil and wears corduroy and big bulky sweaters and drinks endless cups of coffee. Wannabe historian the snake owner? Has a pith helmet and a lasso tied to her waist? Maybe a hazmat suit? What are those gloves called that protect you from radiation? I think she has those on too.

  24. I believe there are unique people that need to put pen to paper as much as they need to breathe. Its as much as who they are as their name is. You are a warrior, a woman and a writer. WWW!

  25. Dear Grinch-
    I feel your pain. Just this morning I was saying that I sabotaged my own Christmas. I said yes to everything and followed through on nothing. I faithfully watched Christmas movies trying to gather true spirit. There is 4 days until Christmas, I am 61 trying to get the same excitement for this season that I remember from when I was 8. I don’t actually remember any specific Christmas just the feeling. I am tired of trying to recreate. I want unexpected not disappointing. Next year- I want a cabin and snow and stockings and white chicken chili. I won’t sabotage, I will be in the moment. What am I saying? Can I go to Hawaii with you?

  26. Isn’t that what you have hire an assistant for? Oh, you have to pay the assistant? Does that mean you are your own assistant?

  27. I love that you are sharing the nitty gritty truth on the process and not glamorizing it. You are awesome

  28. I can very much identify with family/friends hyping you up to believe that not only should you write a book but that it will be successful. I love their support and enthusiasm but face many of the questions you asked yourself during the writing/publishing process. Thanks for this post – it encourages me to continue developing my blog (starting small) and hoping with fingers crossed that if I get to the point of publishing a book that someone besides my family/friends will buy it!

  29. Rose, It is all part of the rotten road we must follow when we decide to write. For example, when my last book, “Last Supper in Paradise” was published (2004) Michelle and I decided to host a publishing party at the local pub in Finley, North Dakota and we sent invitations to a whole bunch of people we “thought” had become our friends, and we asked for an RSVP because we were going to be serving lunch and after lunch there would be wine (South African) and I would read one of the stories in the book.
    Normally, you have a publishing party you also hope to sell a few copies of your new book and you would autograph those copies. After the reading there was a lot of pats on the back, “great story,” or “really enjoyed the story.” I even had a couple of people pick up copies of the book. Then someone asked, “are these for us.”
    “Yup, I’m discounting them $2.00 from the cover cost.” I answered.
    “Oh, I thought they were free.”
    At the end of the day not a single copy was sold. The book was reviewed by “Book Magazine” (online) and declared “A must read for the summer.”
    I have since had to buy up all the remainder copies because the publisher went out of business. Since buying the remainders I’ve managed to sell a hundred or so copies by email from the ad in “African Expedition” magazine. It was reviewed in several African outdoor magazines, and in Australia and I’ve sold more copies overseas than in this country.
    I’ve got a couple hundred copies that I am holding onto with the hope that when AFX is back in business (should be this summer) the new ad and a new audience will generate sales.
    Don’t despair with the slow start. I wrote my first magazine article 50 years ago and I still have articles returned.
    OTOH I am still writing, still selling and happy as a doggie rolling in cow shit.
    Have faith, you are a good writer.
    (BTW, I’ve had seven other books published, but that’s another story.

  30. First of all, congratulations on publishing your book! Secondly, “I gave it to my editor. She gave it back and told me she never plans on editing another book again.” What in the world??? lol

  31. Thanks for posting your truth. I am a mental health therapist and a writer, and a person who struggles with ADHD, anxiety, and depression. It’s great to hear that you are getting some peace!

  32. Dear Writer-
    Maybe your readers are just clueless. Maybe they don’t know how to l”like “ or even review a book. You are in the vortex of old school and memes.
    You are correct that writing a book is like owning a business. I didn’t think of it that way before. But persevere, I hear it takes a couple of years to really establish a new business. 😀

  33. It takes strength to put this out there. I’ve taken a similar path recently for depression, anxiety and PTSD. In fact, I crossed that threshold in the middle of NaNoWriMo! It took some persistence to find a new way forward, but I figured out how my brain works without the burden of those mental issues.

    I will admit that I got lucky and found a good med on the first try. I’ve seen and experienced situations where medications took a few tries. Just know that you made the right decision to take this path and that your creativity won’t disappear if you have the right medication and dosage. Give yourself some leeway while you find the right med/doseage, and use that as one of your guidelines for if it works or not.

    You can do this! You are awesome!

  34. When I walk in to the local Walmart and see a deputy, I tell whoever is with me to run and hide the doughnuts loud enough the deputy can hear me. I am responsible for one getting the nickname “Gerber Baby.” Fortunately, I come from a big city and learned to always signal and run radar. The cat-and-mouse game is ongoing.

    Crack a joke if that happens again. Even if it’s not as effective as Fluffy’s doughnut gag, it’ll help you take back control.

  35. Dear Dreamer- I think living the ordinary while pursuing the extraordinary is courageous and doable. Harry was handed it and Matthew grabbed it. You, my friend are writing it!

  36. I’m saddened it was a terrible experience for you. I recently obtained my master resilience trainer certification via an in-person course on a military installation. It was wonderful and the depth of what I learned has been so inclusive to my daily role.

      1. That is definitely unfortunate. It loses all meaning and really makes those of us that are trained not want to share the knowledge with others.

  37. Did you know that on May 18, 1980 you were on your way to Washington? I have a picture from that day.

  38. Dear blogger- I love your life. I love the energy and the chaos. Can I move in? Don’t worry I will too be a small business owner. Can you order me some business cards?

  39. Art needs a lot of investment initially. The one thing that I can suggest is that instead of printing business cards, you can get a QR code of your son’s website. And when people ask at the craft’s fair, they can simply click on the QR code and find the contact number and also look at all the beautiful paintings he has created.

  40. I have only ever rented so I can’t speak to personal experience of buying a house (maybe one day when I’m 60 … or 70) but I have heard about the back and forth like this where people are asked to pay so much over asking price. It seems so shady to me! I like the idea of a whiteboard in my home for something (speaks to the former teacher in me)!

  41. I would present you with a Harry Potter Wand in a gold box if it would help.
    I would say all the magical words if it would help.
    Compassion is all I can offer and the most heartfelt prayers.
    I thank you for the honesty and bravery in sharing your journey. The humanity in me wishes I could do for you.

  42. Apparently you are going to need to host a trip to England to visit the haunted house. Thank you for the history dive!

  43. I understand that at Pierre Lachaisse in France, there is a time limit on how long a person can remain buried there. After 100 years the plot is sold to the next generation

  44. I don’t blame shakespeare for fearing his grave would be moved! There is alot of relocation going on in history!

  45. You are truly amazing. You have awaken what I didn’t know was lost. I look forward to reading more.

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