Self-publishing Can Be Done!

Publishing Platforms

Finding out who I could use to publish my book and what they offered was one of the most difficult parts of the process. Here is the most comprehensive breakdown that I could find.

Start planning from the start

I waited until after I finished writing my novel to start researching target audiences. I wish I had done it sooner. Keywords on Amazon, Google, etc… are most likely to lure people into buying your work.

Is it fantasy? Okay, but what kind of fantasy? Dark, historical, romantic, paranormal? Look at the most popular publishing sites and see which ones are selling. Who is your competition?

Beta readers are complex. I know! Who is willing to read your work and give you honest feedback? The people I found on social media were very helpful but be prepared that there will not be a quick turnaround unless you pay for the service.


One of the most complex parts of writing a novel is editing. It takes patience and a lot of coffee. I recommend taking the editing process in stages. I started by just focusing on spelling. Then I combed through and looked at my punctuation. Then capitalization, and so forth. Doing this by chapter is more manageable- you feel more productive (in my opinion).

Get your name out there

A book doesn’t sell itself; you need to build your audience before the book is complete. Get on social media and interact with more than just a ‘like.’ Talk to people, encourage, and cheer on fellow writers! Be a part of the community and they will support you. I don’t know how many new fabulous books and writers I have found from interactions on social media- at least 20!

A book is judged by its cover

That old saying – don’t judge a book by its cover? Throw it out. Maybe back in the day when there were no computer graphics, 3D prints, or things that glitter. Today, readers pick up a book almost entirely based on its cover.

Therefore, spend the money to get it done by a company that understands how to format it for easy upload to publishing companies. I paid $70.00 for my cover and had a fabulous team at Some authors spend more, and others invest less—your call.

BUT- get it done right the first time. First impressions mean everything in the book business.

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