Short Stories

When dreams do come true.

I looked down at the journal in my hands-  Day 18,645- Still hot. The coffee is still not good. Going to read today. Maybe go for a walk. And as always- write.   I looked at the plate of food sitting in front of me. What could a girl do to get a cheeseburger around here?…

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The Last Train Stop…

Metal clanging against metal reverberated through the air. After waking up with a start, Katie quickly closed her eyes against the blinding light. For a moment, she lay still, trying to get her bearings, but all she heard was a slight hum of movement. Where was she?  Slowly, Katie opened her left eye, wincing at…

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The brown paper box that held a dream. A short story

As I was touching up some of my blogs- I ran across this short story and forgot how fun this challenge was. The only requirement was that it had to include a brown paper box. What would your box hold?

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How a sandwich is one of my favorite memories of being deployed.

What is my favorite summer food? I went through all the classics- watermelon, pop cycles, street tacos, Costco hotdogs, ribs, mac n cheese, and of course peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. All of them are great contenders. All of them taste like summer. BUT… As I reflect on my life, I think of one food…

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Another Challenge- Chapter 1

Thank goodness for writing challenges- sometimes they come exactly when I need to flee the yuckiness of reality and embrace a world of my own creation. This challenge was to write the first chapter of a book with the first line being- There weren’t always dragons in the valley. Tell me what you think… There…

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Can I get from here to there without a left hand turn?

A few months ago, I was hit by another car in an intersection. As far as MVA goes, it was relatively minor. Except that it changed the way I drove. I now pause another second before proceeding. Does that driver really see me? On the freeway, I worry, is that car getting too close? I…

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Sometimes its doughnuts, and sometimes it is the robe that defines us!

First and foremost I need to state that the following blog is not my creation. It actually belongs to my mother. She wrote it as part of a challenge that we are in the midst of. What challenge is that? Well, we are trying to find ourselves now that we have hit a pivotal point…

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