The magic of magicians on a Saturday afternoon.

Occasionally, small things in life serve as a reminder of the beauty and simplicity of the world. Like a magic show. Originally, I wasn’t 100% sold on the idea. However, with my youngest son’s birthday coming up, it seemed like a good idea since we now live where we can get out and do things like this. I wasContinue reading “The magic of magicians on a Saturday afternoon.”

Tips to passing the motorcycle safety course- from someone who just passed herself (barely).

The Do’s and Don’ts to passing the Motorcycle Safety Course. You might want to take notes on what not to do.

Reflections on rejoining corporate America.

Friends! What a journey into the real world of a 9-5 job! Culture shock! I am the first to admit that my last two jobs were, in fact, ‘work from home’, in the sense that I did travel- but my home base was my home office, and all of my supplies were haphazardly placed inContinue reading “Reflections on rejoining corporate America.”

How to write a book! By a non-published writer.

Friends, The clock is ticking down to my first day back at work. In an office. With people. During specific hours. Yuck. I have spent the last week working on finishing my book. That book that has sat within the confines of my computer for almost a year. And during this process, I have learnedContinue reading “How to write a book! By a non-published writer.”

The history behind the Purple Heart and the creation of the Purple Heart Day.

In the US Armed Forces, the Purple Heart is second only to the Medal of Honor in terms of recognition. Furthermore, it is the oldest military award in the United States- but where did it originate?

Heat exhaustion, shopping trips, and background checks= still unemployed.

Friends, Updates on my abrupt move from Alaska to Washington as well as my diligence in applying for every job in the western hemisphere for the past three months. Just to recap: Move to Washington: success! The upside: Family, activities, cheap utilities, delicious food, and this thing called Fro-o, which is apparently a frozen yogurtContinue reading “Heat exhaustion, shopping trips, and background checks= still unemployed.”

When dreams do come true.

I looked down at the journal in my hands-  Day 18,645- Still hot. The coffee is still not good. Going to read today. Maybe go for a walk. And as always- write.   I looked at the plate of food sitting in front of me. What could a girl do to get a cheeseburger around here?Continue reading “When dreams do come true.”

The Last Train Stop…

Metal clanging against metal reverberated through the air. After waking up with a start, Katie quickly closed her eyes against the blinding light. For a moment, she lay still, trying to get her bearings, but all she heard was a slight hum of movement. Where was she?  Slowly, Katie opened her left eye, wincing atContinue reading “The Last Train Stop…”

I accidentally accepted a good paying job.

Friends, Knowing me for any length of time, you’d know that I flop like a dead fish into opportunities rather than gracefully land on my feet. That is what happened to me today. It has been at least four days since I confirmed my intention not to return to work. I announced to the worldContinue reading “I accidentally accepted a good paying job.”

Why am I working harder as a housewife than when I was a full-time employee?

Week one is complete. It is week one of becoming a housewife / full-time writer and blogger / creator of a weekly podcast entitled The Real Housewives of America- A look into the lives of the women behind the President.  I am overwhelmed.  My stress about finding a job ended when we moved to Washington.Continue reading “Why am I working harder as a housewife than when I was a full-time employee?”