Tomorrow starts the 31 Days of Halloween!!!!


I am giddy. I am pumped. I am ready to dig deep into the 31 Days of Halloween.

This is a special time of year. It is a time of year when society can explore myths, legends, and the mythical without judgment. This is the time of year when you can be anyone you want to be for at least one night.

To me, Halloween means so much more than candy and costumes- it means remembering the stories of the dead. The stories I will be sharing are my own tribute to the overwhelming myths and legends found around the world that involve the supernatural and the unbelievable.

Since I was a child I have been intrigued by history. I wanted to know everything about everyone. As the years passed, my focus narrowed to the myths behind the holidays. Especially Halloween.

Imagine with me that myths were once not bedtime stories. They were reality. The supernatural did have powers. The gods did exist. Prayers and sacrifices were daily occurrences.

But over time- that has changed.

Magic was reduced to miracles. The unbelievable shelved away and forgotten. Lives erased. All that is acceptable is now mainstream religion.

Now, this is not to deny anyone their religious beliefs or say that they are wrong.

That’s the beauty of faith. Everyone is allowed to believe in what works for them. My internal compass demands that I find reality in the unbelievable. And I have dedicated my life to understanding the truth behind the inconsistencies of history. I want to know more than just dates and names. I want to know the ‘why’ and ‘how.’

Why was someone charged with witchcraft in 1951 and imprisoned?

Why were mummies dug up and used for medical treatments?

Why were vampires feared?

Why did the giants die out?

Why did the Romans build temples and colosseums to the gods for them to just disappear?

How are myths and legends linked around the world?

So, my friends. I invite you to spend the next 31 days with me, challenging belief systems and understanding the stories behind the people. My goal is not to change your mind but to give you another piece of the puzzle.

Are you excited? Because I am.

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