Whiteboards, craft / reptile shows, and overpriced houses…


It has been over a month since I wrote anything for my blog. Not one historical moment. Not one ‘Oh-shit’ moment. Not even a bragging moment to be found.

A whole month.

And it wasn’t from a lack of material. Material surrounds me. I have a mental list of 15 moments in history I would love to share. In the last month I have been to two shows and let me tell you- when you do craft fairs and reptile shows- there is ALWAYS material to talk about. There have been birthdays, college graduation parties, new books, upcoming shows, and a slew of animal moments that I could have written about.

But I couldn’t figure out the words.

A writer with no words. It’s like having ice cream without hot fudge.

Just not good.

So, I did what any middle-aged women who has new wrinkles and strains of grey hair would do.

I bought a white board! Then proceeded to hang it up next to my desk in the most awkward way possible so that it is not easy to write on.

And I don’t want to take it down because its being held up by push pins.

Now before you say anything, I have used the white board. Complete with four different color dry erase markers and horrible handwriting. It makes me feel like I am doing something with my life. It holds me accountable.

What is written on it right now?

8/1/2023- Buy trash bags. Still haven’t gotten around to getting them. I have one left- so this is moving into the ‘tell the kid to go to the store and buy some’ category.

8/2/2023- Write two blogs. One normal and one historical. I am writing this one, so I am going to count it as half a win.

8/2/2023- Buy soap. Decided to wait until the craft fair on 8/5 because my mom was bringing some to sell, and I knew I could get a couple of bars for free.

8/3/2023- Remember to order Nick’s birthday cake. This is I did do and let me tell you that I strolled out of that grocery store feeling like I had just won a prize. I ordered his cake this year- ON TIME!

8/5/2023- Craft Fair. Sell at least 5 copies of both books. I sold 2 of each… and one set was sold to a local musician who kindly told me she would leave a review…. IF it was enjoyable. But then proceeded to look me up and down like she wasn’t sure of my ability. Don’t worry lady. There are days that I question my ability too!

8/8/2023- Wash the firework ink off the truck that has been there since 4 July. It’s going to rain tomorrow, so I think I can cross this off my list.

Looking back at it, I am not really sure if the whiteboard is working for me.

My bestie from Alaska went on vacation to Scotland with her husband recently. I think it’s their first ‘real’ vacation in years. I had hoped my phone would be bombarded with cool photos and ‘you should be here’ texts. But it seems like the two of them enjoyed their peace.


I wanted to hang out with my sister more, but since she graduated from college, she has been busier than a beaver getting ready for winter. Hikes, fairs, block parties, yoga, you name it… she does it. And she has never asked me if I want to come.

Not that I would have… but it would have been nice to be asked. I have way too many chores with the book, promotions, hubby’s business, reptile care, and looking for a home within budget.

Now that’s something I can discuss. Nothing like buying a home to make you feel like you can’t afford a three-wall shack while your realtor tries to sell you a castle on a private island with a dragon included.

Now we have found two homes that would have been perfect. Our realtor sent the listing to us- always with the same side note: ‘May be slightly over budget but other than that it’s perfect.

Just so you know, my realtor’s idea of ‘a little over budget’ is anywhere from $50,000 to $125,000 over.

One house was a dream and only $50,000 over budget… but it was EVERYTHING we wanted. We were in love within 10 minutes.

My realtor got us. He saw the gleam in our eyes and told us that if we wanted to be competitive, we needed to do a home inspection IMMEDIATELY. And within 24 hours, and $750.00 poorer- we had the home inspection done. We were even going to offer $5,000 over asking.

He called us the night the sellers were reviewing offers and asked if we would be willing to offer $20,000 over asking AND cover all closing costs.

Are you shitting me?

Let me tell you how many different languages I can say ‘you’re shitting me right?‘ in. I even have a hand gesture that I can use- but it seems inappropriate.

Needless to say, we didn’t get the house.

All of a sudden, the rental we are in is looking better and better. Wonder if I could get the landlord to sign a 5-year rental agreement?

Anyhoo, that has been the last week of our lives. I made a promise to myself that I would cook every night this week, and so far, I am killing it. Of course, I didn’t plan the rest of the week’s meals. AND I didn’t go grocery shopping, so I might break that promise sooner than I expected.

I hope you all have a great week. Let me know if you have a lead on homes under a half-million in the Pacific Northwest.

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  1. I have only ever rented so I can’t speak to personal experience of buying a house (maybe one day when I’m 60 … or 70) but I have heard about the back and forth like this where people are asked to pay so much over asking price. It seems so shady to me! I like the idea of a whiteboard in my home for something (speaks to the former teacher in me)!

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