Today in History- Amelia Earhart becomes 1st woman to make solo transatlantic flight. But she was more than just a pilot!

To mark the occasion of woman’s first, I stumbled across this neat piece of knowledge. We can get too focused on the negative sides of a story, neglecting all the good that someone has accomplished.

So here are so amazing facts that I found out about Ameila Earhart!


Earhart became the first female vice president of the National Aeronautic Association, which kept tabs on official conventions and contests. She was able to persuade this organization to create records specifically for women since they lacked the financial resources or planes necessary to challenge men for global titles.


Earhart championed a number of causes in Congress. She advocated for birth control rights, supported female political and business involvement, and even called for draft enrollment of men, women, and the elderly alike to promote equality and pacifism.


In 1935, Purdue University president Edward Elliott asked Earhart to join the staff at his school. She accepted the invitation, taking on the role of visiting professor and lecturer in aeronautics. Additionally, she provided guidance for female students interested in areas such as engineering or science, considering her own background in pre-med.

Interestingly- Amelia had to cease her education on several occasions. The first was due to her desire to become a nurse, which she did not enjoy. Later, she reunited with her father and dropped out again. Finally, financial hardship caused her to abandon school for good.


During the 1930s, Earhart developed her own range of clothing. As a child, she already possessed a gifted talent for sewing and would often craft her own samples. Aimed at women wishing to appear fashionable whilst still being comfortable, her line was only available from Macy’s and Marshall Field’s

Even though she loved flying, Earhart was not a fan of coffee or tea. Instead, her favorite drink was hot chocolate, so much so that she carried around a thermos of it on flights.

This is just a small tidbit of an amazing life that I am proud to highlight. What do you think?

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