Broken coffee cup! Who can I blame? Prince Harry and Matthew McConaughey of course.


I was reeling last night with several topics I wanted to write about.

  1. The healthcare system.
  2. Prince Harry and his book ‘Spare.’
  3. A house that is full of snakes.
  4. How trying to come up with promotions is giving me gray hair.
  5. Politicians.
  6. How I should write a calendar for social media and blogs- that way, I know what I am writing about.
  7. Ideas for my book.

Why the random thoughts? Because somehow, my favorite coffee cup broke this past weekend. May it rest in peace.

To tell you the truth, I know how it broke. It’s all the vacuum cleaner’s fault. The cord took my coffee cup out, spilling a delicious cup of coffee everywhere. This triggered a house-wide cleaning frenzy. A house that I had just thoroughly cleaned two days prior. And yet somehow, three people and two dogs managed to destroy it to the point that it looked like a battlefield after a paint war game played in the rain.

The amount of time it took to restore balance is why I have seven topics I want to write about. I had nothing but time to think. And who did I end up blaming for my frustration?


And Prince Harry.

I know! That is so far off the beaten track, but it has really been bugging me. I read a story where Salesforce laid off people to cut back costs. Sad. Almost unavoidable in the current climate in this country. Everyone is laying off their employees. Every mega-million-dollar company that prospered during the shutdown is completely broke.

However, Matthew McConaughey reportedly gets $10 million a year from Salesforce to be their…. drumroll please… spokesperson.

Are you shitting me?

Am I mad at Matthew McConaughey? Not really. He is working within the system. It’s the American dream! It’s why people flee to this country- to make it big. And he figured out how to do it. You go, dude! Support you and your family!

Who do I blame? The board of directors. While eating coffee and expensive pastries, a group of suit-wearing professionals decided that a talented actor would promote their business instead of utilizing the profit margin to keep the company running.

Let me ask you this question- did you know that Matthew McConaughey was the spokesperson for Salesforce? Do you even know what Salesforce is?

Neither did I.

How does this relate to Prince Harry and his book ‘Spare’? Because I need to be mad at someone, and today I have decided it will be the person who annoyingly published their best-selling book the SAME month that I did.

I didn’t know that he was doing that. I don’t pay attention to ex-royals.

But now I am!

Now I know everyone wants the tea on the royal who stepped down from his duties to follow the American Dream. Who wants to read a fantasy about a middle-aged writer who travels to the Otherworld to save the world when you can hear from the horse’s mouth about how horrible England is? As an American, I feel it’s ingrained into our system to make fun of the country we broke away from. Of course, he was going to be a New York Best Seller. However, I am pretty sure he didn’t sit for hours behind a computer editing his book over cold coffee and stale potato chips.

What I do know is that ex-Prince Harry has officially bought into the fantasy that America is selling. And he did it so well that he is now featured on every talk show, cartoon, commercial, and has his own Netflix series.

Random thought: I wonder what that immigration application looks like. Does he have a green card? I thought you had to wait a while before you could work in this country. Is he exempt? Does he pay federal taxes to us, or does he pay British taxes?

Here’s the deal: I’m not really mad at either of them. Ironically, they have made the news for playing the system so well that they are walking away with millions of dollars doing the very thing everyone wants them to do- play a part.

I support them. They are doing it. I wish I were…. but not everyone can have the perfect dream. Not everyone can climb to the top because then there would be no top. Does that make sense? We can’t shit talk the people who have. And I want to be perfectly clear- I am not shit talking about them or their families.

Nope. This just drives me to keep being me and working just a little bit harder to be nearer to the top.

However, if you happen to know Matthew McConaughey or Prince Harry…can you ask them if they would be willing to purchase a copy of my book for me? It’s on sale. And if they have time, maybe a selfie with it. Just don’t tell them about this blog.

#AmericanDream #Grateful

Anyhoo, in case you missed it, I am an inspiring author. I will include the link to my first book if you want a copy or need a last-minute gift for Saint Paddy’s Day. I mention Irish folklore in it, so it fits the holiday.

The Writer and the Librarian.


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  1. Dear Dreamer- I think living the ordinary while pursuing the extraordinary is courageous and doable. Harry was handed it and Matthew grabbed it. You, my friend are writing it!

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