The day before Valentine’s Day… AND Monday. It’s going to be a 4-pot coffee kind of day!


It is another Monday.

The a-hole keeps coming back every week.

But it is not an a-hole this week. It is the a-hole that arrives before Valentine’s Day. Yes, that holiday where flowers, chocolates, and fancy dinners are dangled in front of your face a mere month and a half after you promised to be healthier.

Good thing I stopped promising that idiotic new year’s resolution. My resolution this year was that I was committed to dusting my hanging picture frames at least once a month. As of February 1, I failed to meet that requirement. Winner!

I have a confession. I do not celebrate holidays. Not even the big ones. Christmas is too messy with all its decorations, ripped wrapping paper, and dead pine needles. Thanksgiving is a repetitive holiday- the same day with the same meal every 365 days. 4th of July? Insects swarm around and land on tempting watermelon all the time. So rude.

I like St. Paddies day- but I haven’t lived where there wasn’t three feet of snow, and the last major ice storm was flying in like the Wicked Witch of the West. Maybe this year will be different. But I don’t feel like I am hitting the mark on why we should celebrate the day when I drink green dye in a warm beer mug.

But the dreaded Valentine’s Day?

It is the one that I despise the most.

And not because I haven’t had anyone to celebrate with. I do. I just don’t like the pressure of having to be romantic and sexy for 24 hours. Do you know how long 24 hours are? I do. After 20+ years in the military and having many 24-hour duty days, I am well aware of how long the day is when you are forced to do one thing.


But I am now happily medicated. Today is officially week three on the bipolar meds that my doctor prescribed. I thought it would open my mind and heart to being more willing to celebrate the day of love.

Nope. It’s Monday, and I don’t want to go to work. I want to stay home, write my upcoming book, and figure out why I haven’t sold ONE darn copy in over a week. I wonder if my memes aren’t as funny as I think they are. Maybe I should do a Valentine’s special? That actually isn’t a terrible idea. Too bad I didn’t think of it last week so I could have time to advertise.

Oh, the joys of being a part-time author.

Back to Valentine’s Day. I need to run to get a card. My husband doesn’t like chocolate and rarely drinks coffee. I know! No need to say anything. I am just as confused. How do you not drink coffee?! Take me to the bookstore and buy me a coffee, and I will be pleased for the rest of the day. My husband? No idea.

I never know if I am supposed to do anything for the kids. Easter requires baskets, stale marshmallows, and colored eggs that end up dying the counter and being forgotten in the fridge.

What does Valentine’s require?

Can I send them money? They appreciate it at Christmas time.

I know there is a blog to be written about the holiday’s history, and that is what I will do later today. Nothing like blood, gore, and madness to say ‘I love you.’

But friends, I am 24 hours away from making this day memorable… I need ideas! I need recommendations. I need help.

What are you doing?

And can you invite me too?

Anyhoo- in case you missed it, I have a book for sale. I will include the link if you want a copy or need a last-minute gift for a Valentines gift. It even is handy to swat at your significant other when they forget to tell you ‘Happy Valentines Day.’

The Writer and the Librarian-


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