The magic of magicians on a Saturday afternoon.

Occasionally, small things in life serve as a reminder of the beauty and simplicity of the world.

Like a magic show.

Originally, I wasn’t 100% sold on the idea. However, with my youngest son’s birthday coming up, it seemed like a good idea since we now live where we can get out and do things like this. I was rethinking my plan when it took us 40 minutes to drive 6 miles, and I had to pee. The problem is, you can’t turn around in bumper-to-bumper traffic, so we were all in. God, I hate traffic!

Forty-five minutes and two illegal moves later, I was safely parked in a parking garage that barely fit my truck and could breathe normally again. Coming out of the depths of four underground floors of concert and parking spots, I basked in the glorious Washington day- we made it alive! Now to find a bathroom!

It is imperative to stress that you have never experienced life until you are desperate for the nearest bathroom but are hindered by a crowd dressed as if they were in an Alice in Wonderland movie. I was one track minded on my way to the ladies’ room and a cool glass of Guinness when Tweedled Dee and Tweedled Dum almost took me out. I whirled around to see Gothic Alice give me the middle finger and the Chester Cat release its claws. Can you imagine being taken out by a fairy tale? What would my obituary say?

The fates were on my side, as it happens, because the story gets better. I had made reservations at the Elephant and Castle restaurant because if you are going to a magic show, you should eat at an English pub! Am I right, or am I right?!? Who else eats at an English pub? You guessed it- the hundreds of Alice in Wonderland characters. There’s nothing like a bunch of middle-aged women and men getting a free ticket to dress up and drink all day! The most enjoyable part was watching college football and hearing the Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts talk trash about 18-22-year-olds trying to obtain a college education while doing what they love.

Not my generation’s finest hour.

I was reluctant to leave when lunch was over, but we still needed to navigate seven blocks of downtown Seattle. After a pit stop at Pikes Place Market, where I almost got hit in the face with a flying salmon, we made our way to the Moore Theater. In 1907, the Moore Theater opened its doors to the public and was once considered the finest theater on the West Coast. There is a rumor that several savory performers haunt the Moore Theater, including Kurt Cobain, who might have died of an overdose there and not at his home. I am not sure if that’s true, but it adds to the mysticism of the place.

Four hours into our day on the town, I was exhausted and ready for a nap.

At exactly 2:30 pm, we sat excitedly in our seats for the show to start! Bring on the magic.

And we waited.

And we waited some more.

Maybe they didn’t receive the invite?

The lights flicker, music blares, fireworks explode, and finally, the show starts. They got the invite!
Now, it’s been a while since I have seen magic. Those old-fashioned tricks of cutting a woman in half, escaping a straight jacket while upside down, and the jaws of death threaten to snap, and of course mind reading- all brilliant! But those were not the tricks that made me smile.

Halfway through the show, all five magicians sat on stage and shared with us why they performed magic. They shared the first magic trick they learned with heartfelt stories of their childhood and their dreams. Have you seen the act of pulling playing cards out of the air? It is incredible to witness a person doing it flawlessly, with passion and love–it is art in movement.

But the young man who took tin foil, balled it up, and used it to create the stars- I almost cried. I was a kid again, watching a simple trick and finding magic.

It has been a while since something moved me to tears, and while I know it was just an illusion, there was magic in that room. Hundreds of people fell silent as we all watched an everyday household necessity become something beautiful.

Magic in ordinary objects!

I was sorry to leave at the show’s end, to walk back into reality and head home. But, three days later, I am still in awe. I am glad that we attended. I am glad that there was a reminder that some days you need to dress up, day drink, and live in a world of magic.

So my dear friends, as always- be Great at something you are Good at AND go see a magic show!
Just watch out for the Chester Cat along the way! Sneaky fellow.

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