New Years Resolution for 2022? Finish what I started in 2020.

The last day of the year! We have made it another 365 days! Looking back, 365 days flew by quickly. So what did I do for 365 days?

I joined a gym in November. However, I haven’t been there in a week because of the holidays and a winter storm. Let’s be realistic- I didn’t go because it seemed like a lot of work, and I had the perfect excuse not to go.

I traveled across Alaska for five months straight- and still haven’t seen it all. However, there are a few roads that I can now navigate with my eyes closed, in a snowstorm, listening to an audiobook while sipping coffee.

I worked on my blog. I just hit 1,000 views. A milestone that took almost two years to achieve. Thank you to my family that equates to 300 of those views! Regardless if you only looked at my blog because I guilted you into it- you still helped!

I started a book at the end of 2020, and it still sits at chapter six. But I will begin again soon.

I started a website to include Alaskan history. But, unfortunately, it still hasn’t made it past the 1700s.

I attempted to complete 2,021 run/walk miles. I completed 1580. Going to try again in 2022.

I started trying to write letters to family and friends. I made it two months before I was discouraged by the lack of response.

I started a PodCast- but couldn’t figure out how to get it published. I might start that again! That was fun – I will google it today.

Looking back at this list, I have come to a single conclusion. I should quit my job. I don’t have time to work and be my authentic self. It is the year of the Great Resignation- maybe I should join the bandwagon. It seems that we will be a country of YouTubers, crafters, and bloggers soon, and there will be no one working in a traditional setting soon.

This was the year that Americans found that they could turn their hobbies into a cash pot and ran with it. I follow a Tic-Toker whose only job is to send out boxes of stones and Taro cards. The stones may or may not be natural or artificial; they may or may not have healing properties; they may be large or small. The Taro Card? The business owner just pulled it from a deck. No explanation on that particular card- it just haphazardly belongs to them.

Another Tic-Toker pours liquified paint on a canvas and spins it with a drill, and they are making thousands of dollars a month. My favorite one is the person who has trained their dog to paint and sells the pictures for $300.00 each. I can’t say too much about that- I spent $60.00 at the Alaska Sea Center on a 4×4 framed painting of a seal’s nose. It is so tiny that I can’t remember where I put it in the house, and I haven’t seen it in months.

The last day of the year! We made it! I started a book club this week. I have 30 people already signed up, and I need to settle that. I didn’t realize that if you create a book club, you have to have your shit together to make it work. I need to finalize the reading list, send out the books, figure out an ice-breaker event, and plan on how to engage this many people across the state of Alaska. That is on top of the fact that I am creating an Alaska Cook Book that I need to finish and send out for approval and publication.

I know that in my last blog, I stated that I was going to aim high in my resolutions for next year. However, I am beginning to think I don’t need to aim high- I just need to finish what I started this year.

What are your thoughts?

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