It took me 2 days to finish Bridgerton on Netflix…I will be the next Lady Whistledown!

I love period time shows. Some of my favorites are Versailles, The Crown, The Tudors, Downtown Abby, The Last Kingdom, and Sherlock. I have other favorites like Gilmore Girls, The Originals, Blacklist, Sabrina, Criminal Minds, The Magicians, and Virgin River, I am embarrassed to say, that these are my usual fall backs. I watch them while getting ready in the morning, cooking dinner, walking my laps around the living room, many I have seen two or three times. Kekoa still knows to get the chocolate ready when I hit that final episode of Gilmore Girls and Rory tells Lorelai that she is pregnant- and then NOTHING! No follow on! Does she get tell Logan? Does she finally get back together with Jess? Do Lorelai and Luke live happily ever after? Years later, this show still bothers me….can I please get some closure?!?!?!?

Recently though, after rewatching Sabrina the Teenage Witch so that I could fully enjoy the 4th and final season…I was left with a sense of needing a feel-good show that does not end with death, world destruction, and mythical voids of darkness. I finally bit the bullet and watched Bridgerton- the spin off show of one of my favorite teenage authors Julia Quinn. I was hesitant, it seemed to be very Pride and Prejudice meets Alice in Wonderland- lots of color, lots of overacting, and lots of costume changes. I started the show on a Saturday and by Sunday evening, I was done. I got stuff accomplished during that 24 hour period- my phone has the Netflix app so shows can travel with me while I am making dinner, folding clothes, vacuuming up pounds of puppy polar hair. I even can get miles in- plug in the earphones and set the treadmill to 3.2- and away I go for an hour- burning calories and sucked into a world of the unimaginable. Win-win situation for me!

But, it took 24 hours! I am done. I am sad. I enjoyed the overwhelming London season of balls, suitors, tea’s and crumpets, crazy queens with equally crazy small dogs, and the process of falling in love. My favorite character? Well, Lady Whistledown of course! I love the shows that have the back stage voice driving the outcome of events. To be noticed or not to be noticed is the true question in life! I don’t want to be noticed, but I would love to do the noticing and writing about it. Of course, in my little world that would mean that I would be reporting on who left their trashcan outside 2 days after trash pickup, Starbucks discontinuing Pumpkin Spice Latte’s, and which store has the best sale on meat- Walmart or Fred Meyers. Not much going on in Fairbanks, Alaska in the middle of winter….

3 days later, I am still enjoying Bridgerton. I like thinking that there are balls, tea parties, and lawn parties to look forward too. I like thinking about dancing under the candle light while wearing a beautiful dress (minus the fact that I haven’t worn a dress since my 3rd marriage- and that was years ago!). I like the idea that there are scandal’s and gossip to be talked about (behind closed doors of course). I like thinking that my hair will always be fashionable (except today because I blew the fuse in my bathroom and my curling iron wont work), and at some point I will go see a Opera that will move me to tears. And I can not wait until the world opens up again so that I can take my little notebook that is always in my purse and go into the public and watch people live again!

But first thing first, I must come up with a code name for myself…..

What are your thoughts?

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