That trash can that is God’s gift to writers- I used it last night! Bye, Bye 3 months of work…

So 2 weeks ago I read a blog about some woman who was on You Tube talking about Historic Fiction writers, and her tips for us to make sure that we are writing correctly. It was actually a bash on the book ‘Mrs. Poe’ by Lynn Cullen. She goes on for 10 minutes about all the faults that she found in the book…some that I must admit had a point, but others made me just want to say- ‘Did someone NOT get you coffee this morning?’. So what did I do? I quickly bought Mrs. Poe and read it for myself. Amazing book! Great plot! I, for two seconds fell in love with Edgar Allen Poe. I don’t even understand half of what Poe writes, but there I was- rooting for him and his mistress. Yes, I said it- his mistress. Did you know that he had a mistress? Not this girl! Oh, I want to tell you the whole plot between Edgar (Poe), Virginia (Wife), and Frances Osgood (mistress)- but I wont because its not the point of this blog, and because I really think that you should read it for yourself.

Once again- and I can not stress this enough- ‘Mrs Poe’ by Lynn Cullen on Amazon for $12.45. Great deal!

Back to the real story! So, this book coupled with the fact that my Master Class teacher Neil, (we are on first name bases now. He doesn’t know yet but I am sure that he would be cool with it) told me that I needed to rewrite a classic fairytale or take one sentence and create a short story out of it. My sentence that I found randomly on google was ‘There was a secret meeting in the morning and she absolutely had to be there.’ I love secret meetings! Oh man! I was in writers paradise. I started creating a story behind a literary secret society where members were invited by a calling card with a Raven on it. I could go on and on about the story- but this too is not the main focus of the blog.

So, now I am writing about secret societies! Got to do my research. Google and Go! That is my new catch phrase by the way. I come across a story about Bohemian Grove in California. Originally started officially in the 1830’s, it is the who’s who of world power. They come together for like 2 weeks a year, dance around a burning stone owl, throw their worries into a black casket, no women allowed, men dress in drag and do plays, food and drinks- a man’s vacation. No shit- look it up, this is all true. 5 hours of research on this during work hours. But not the full point of the story- so I will move on.

Same time I am doing research on the Bohemian Grove, Kekoa comes into my office and says – ‘Mom, I am going to break away from America and form my own country.’ Well, shit! Okay kid. Then he tells me it is for a school project. This does not make me feel any better. Then, he says- ‘Well maybe I will form a cult first.’ That is it! I am going to have to call the school now and ask what they are learning in History and English class. I have nothing for Kekoa. I am in shock. I am thinking of all the cults I know about, and how it NEVER turns out good. So, I say ‘what about just starting a secret society?’ I know right! Mother of the Year award right here! So we start talking about secret societies and jump on You Tube to do further research. 2 more hours during work hours. Wait! There is more.

Now, remember- I am still half in love with Poe and researching his life, I am still researching secret societies found around the world and in history, I am still writing my book so I am still researching the cost of coffee in 1934 in Russia, and I have Neil Gaiman’s voice telling me that I need to rewrite a fairytale. I have a lot going on at once. Then- I came across the Spear of Destiny. This is the second time that I have come across the Spear of Destiny, it is kind of already in my book- stilling on a wall in the front hall of my main characters home. But, it has not really made an entrance into the plot. I drop all other research and focus my unfocusable mind this subject!
9 hours of research, 4 books bought, 2 new notepads of research notes, 6 pots of coffee, and my whole book has been turned upside down.

A random blog about historical fiction writers, a swift romance with Poe, a short sentence of inspiration, a quick dive into the Black Web on secret society’s, and I am now on my own road to my destiny- holding on to the Spear of Destiny. It has been a really busy week! But that is it. The story on how I trashed my 3 months of work and restarted my whole damn book.

What are your thoughts?

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