Halloween is in the air!

My afternoon walk was actually chilly today. Like cheeks tingle, nose running, put on a jacket chilly. A far cry from yesterday’s heat stroke. In my mind, I had a thousand topics to talk about- I wrote them all out in my mind. Now 7 hours later I can’t remember any of them. It might be because I found a new Netflix show called Evil.

Have you seen? Please tell me that someone else click on the show! It’s a mixture of romance, demons, good vs. evil, court room action, and reality all in a one stop shop. And I am only on episode two.

I am ready for Halloween. The knowledge we won’t be having a ‘real’ Halloween makes this new reality a ‘reality’ for me. You think that it would have been the closing of businesses or the movie theater or having to share internet with my son while he does zoom calls for 8 hours and I work from my new home office- but for me it is Halloween. It’s sad. How long? How much more. Then I watched Evil and I think- wow, life could be worse. There could be evil beings sneaking into our dreams and cutting off fingers. But they are not, so I guess I will deal.

I still decorated! Did you? I hope you do! Enjoy the supernatural and unbelievable because it makes this reality more bearable! Anyone have a 6 foot Skelton that I can borrow?

What are your thoughts?

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