Fall in Alaska is celebrating life and death at the same time.

After another grueling day of phone calls and problem-solving, I went for my daily walk this afternoon. Today was the day that, with everyone’s positive encounter, there was another tugging at my heartstrings. I needed to recharge and refresh my energy. I walk to think about my book, argue ideas, and spy on my neighbor’s Halloween decorations.

Such a happy tree!

Today was a slow, drawn-out walk where I saw trees turning and flowers blooming. This is rare in Alaska- it was brilliant, it was beautiful, it was like the world was welcoming death.

Why does one change and not the other? Is he hanging in until the last moment? Trying not to give in to the frost?

I say all this to say that I was asked why I don’t write in a journal daily. I thought I don’t have anything to say- but after reading other readers ‘ day challenge, I have decided I am going to tell you, readers, what winter is like here in Alaska- day by day until 1 March- when the world wakes up for us. Ready for the challenge? I am!

Flowers still brilliant

What are your thoughts?

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