A day in my life trying to work and raise a puppy- Puppy is winning!

I have to tell you about my day…I need to get it off my chest so that I can move forward with my life.

As some of you know, I have a new puppy. At 9 months, he is about 87 pounds now and comes up to my waist. He is a mix of something and something, but looks like a hairy lab or maybe a golden retriever? I am convinced that he is a mixture of wolf, flying squirrel, and what ever animal can dig a hole to China from Alaska. He also loves catching bees and other flying creatures like birds, fly’s, and attempts to take down every airplane that fly’s overhead. This is inconvenient as we live by the airport.

To date he has eaten the carpet on the stairs, the rounded corners of every leather couch, a few Halloween decorations, coffee grinds, and a whole chicken. All of my shoes! Let us not forget the time that he ate a entire meat loaf that just came out of the oven! He has learned how to jump on the kitchen island, dig into the sink, and his favorite pass time is learning how to open the refrigerator and front door when the pizza delivery man arrives. He had now found a secret hiding place where he stores my mail, socks, shoes, fabulous sticks that he finds outside, and my books.

He also has learned that if he jumps on the couch when he is in trouble- I wont do anything because he will pee on everything if I raise my voice. He has also taken to leaving ‘presents’ for me in the laundry room when he thinks I am not paying him enough attention. This is the same dog that ate all my note cards for my book that took me 3 weeks to get in the right order.

So, what could have possibly happen today that has set me on a course of heart burn, gray hairs, and a general distaste for my dog? Let me tell you the story- I am virtually helping out those who have been displaced because of the wild fires in Oregon. I am happy to do it! However, this morning as I am calling the customers my dog has decided that this would be the appropriate time to learn how to jump fences. So as I am on the phone, trying to get information – I hear him barking from the front porch. Not a big deal, as it is a wrap around and I give all the dogs freedom to hang out and watch the neighborhood movement. It makes them happy, ergo- I am happy. But the barking was different- this is cause for concern!

I go outside and see my dog playing in the street chasing a bee or another flying object that only he can see. He is not a smart dog, so it was easy to get him back in the yard. That is when the trouble started. Did I mention my dog pees when I raise my voice? Add into that, he pees when I walk up on him too fast, when he doesn’t want to do something, when he wants to play, when he is mad, when he is sad…..he pees all the time. As I am trying to get him into the front door- he spreads his paws out to the door hinges and will not budge! I am trying to get his paws to disengage my frame and he pees on me! Not a little! All over me! I yell, he escapes. Within 30 seconds he is 3 miles from home trying to pick up a new family!

Takes me 30 minutes to get him back home and through the front door. He is now comfy on the couch watching T.V. and eating a snack because I am afraid to punish him. I on the other hand just finished my second shower of the day and am writing to you because I want to know- do you want a dog?

What are your thoughts?

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